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353. Brambles

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352. Club-Tailed Dragonfly

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At least, I am pretty sure it’s a club-tailed. It was probably 3-4 inches head-to-tail – easily the biggest dragonfly I’ve ever seen. Taken at Eno River State Park.

Club-Tailed Dragonfly

351. Easter Lily

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Easter Lily

350. Old Door Detail

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Old Door Detail

349. Calla Lily, on gray

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Calla Lily, on gray

348. Unidentified Spider #3

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This little guy was about the half as big as a grain of rice. I found him by accident when I went to shoot his neighbor.

Unidentified Spider #3

347. Beef Short Ribs

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Beef Short Ribs

346. Shell Detail #3

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Shell Detail #3

345. Czech Wedding Cookies

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These came to us by way of our neighbor. These have perhaps the lightest, freshest glaze I’ve ever tasted.

Czech Wedding Cookies

344. The Cross Family

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Taken 5/22, on a lovely walk with my friends Emily, David, and their 5-month-old son Calvin.

The Cross Family