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16. Baking

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15. OJ, the Hunter

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I knew OJ would make it up here eventually. Usually he’s afraid of the camera, but Dori kept him busy with a new toy. No post on this one.


14. Featherlegged Spider

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I have mixed feelings on this one. Wish I had a little more depth of field.


13. Juice truck #1

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Conveniently located near my favorite restaurant in town…


12. Hosta #1

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June 26th, 2010 Permalink

It kinda figures… my test shot had the best focus & composition of the entire set. I tried to duplicate the shot at 100 ISO to get a cleaner file, but the breeze didn’t cooperate. Frankly my tripod wasn’t much help with this … best I can do with it is about 3-4″ off the ground, but that wasn’t low enough for this one. Handheld @ 1600 ISO. Last a tip of my hat to Kent Loeffler.


11. Self Portrait in Red

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I dawdled a bit today, and was stuck shooting inside after dark. The colors in this shot are true to life – the only post I did here was a minor crop and the addition of a small vignette to block out some of the background (I didn’t control my spill very well).



9. Self portrait in a raindrop

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8. Macro in the garden

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7. Hummingbirds

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In the parking lot of our hotel, literally as we were getting in the car to drive back to Las Vegas! Taken 6/21, uploaded 6/22.